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TismTool combines advanced concepts to ease the development of software controllers:

  • Recipe for Model Driven Engineering
  • Framework for multi-threaded, component-based architecture
  • Verification of concurrent, hierarchical state machines in user's development environment
  • Source code generation from UML model (C#, Java, C++, or C)

The basic ideas of the concepts are described in this whitepaper.


The major benefits of TismTool are:

  • Based on UML model, exploiting:
    • graphical diagrams for system decomposition into (threaded) components and classes
    • graphical diagrams for interfaces
    • graphical diagrams for state machines
  • Guidance via a consistent recipe of modeling steps
  • State machine diagrams with (unlimited) hierarchical states, submachines, choice states, etc
  • Straightforward transition triggers being API (callback) functions
  • Handling state action statements in your target programming language, allowing for dedicated language constructs, calling (system) library functions, etc
  • Three types of protection configurations: via thread, via mutex, or none
  • Easy component/class access via ports yielding component based development
  • Simple integration of foreign components
  • Freeware source of Run-Time Environment taking care of threads, messages, queues, rendez-vous mechanism
  • Verification/simulation for interface protocols between a pair of component ports
  • Verification/simulation for any configuration of (threaded) components
  • Creation of sequence diagrams for investigating erroneous verification scenarios
  • Freeware TismTool generating source code for verification, simulation and production
  • User defined translation of source code phrases
  • Supporting the advanced state transaction mechanism

The properties tested during verification are:

  • Deadlock
  • Livelock
  • Unhandled function
  • Rendez-vous semaphore mismatch
  • Queue overflow
  • Unvisited state
  • Unvisited transition
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26 August 2012

Version 0.9 of TismTool has been released.
Protection mechanism with mutex.
Support for foreign components.

19 February 2012

Version 0.8 of TismTool has been released.
Cope with MagicDraw 17.0.1
Replaced AnyTrigger stereotype by UML AnyReceiveEvent.
Replaced SendOperationEvent by UML SignalEvent.

22 August 2011

Version 0.7 of TismTool has been released.
OSAL in C for Linux.
Create C/C++ makefiles.
Optimisation of code generation.
C/C++ demo examples under Linux.

7 July 2011

Update of C Run-Time Environment.

20 June 2011

Version 0.6 of TismTool has been released.
Support for C source code generation.
OSAL in C for Windows.

31 March 2011

Version 0.5 of TismTool has been released.
Generates sequence diagrams of verification scenarios.
Statically detects infinite loops of triggerless transitions.

31 January 2011

Version 0.4 of TismTool has been released.
Support for C++ source code generation.

23 November 2010

Version 0.3 of TismTool has been released.
Support for processing UML models having Rich XMI 2.1 format.

11 November 2010

Version 0.2 of TismTool has been released.
Support for Java source code generation.

13 October 2010

Version 0.1 of TismTool has been released.
Support for C# source code generation.